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We resell Internet services from Axxess. We offer ADSL, VDSL, Fibre Internet & 4G services.

Optionally included is our 'ClearNET' service. Utilizing Next Generation Linux Firewalls and Content Filters we process, clean and block unwanted content. Content such as adverts, web trackers, porn and torrents. With full reports are available on request.

'ClearNET' is a remote & on-premises service. To save costs on 4G packages we have succesfully implemented traffic shaping and control mechanisms which limit the speed and amount of data used.

We become your one point of contact for all internet and network security related matters. We take care of the full spectrum of internet operations, reducing demand placed on internal employees.

'ClearNET' key abilities
Block Adverts & Trackers
Block Porn and receive alerts
Internet & Network Traffic Shaping
Internet Bandwidth Optmization
Intrusion Detection & Intrusion Prevention
Backup Internet Fail-Over Capabilities
Highly Secure AES256 Remote VPN Connections

Questions and Answers

SME and Corporate Networks differ in size and complexity. As such we would need to perform a free on-site assessment to gather accurate infomation on adequately sizing your 'ClearNET' service.

Yes. In a nutshell we would place our routers behind your main internet carrying router and in front of your network switch for example. Traffic coming from your network would route through our routers and network appliances first before breaking out onto the internet.

Once again, this is all determined by the size and complexity of the existing network. Extensive planning and preparation takes place before any physical or logical network alterations occur. Full documentation is also made with each step. Actions taken in this phase are which internet services, ports and/or 3rd party vendor access are required and their respective limitations.

As this service is a managed service we apply great effort to making sure client network security is greatly enhanced without a side effect of business interruptions and discontinuity. Therefore the extensive planning, preparation and documentation which are compulsory which is time consuming unfortunately.

Ransomware Mitigation

The highly sophisticated technical ability of Ransomware requires a defence-in-depth approach.

We highly recommend customers in general use automated backup routines & disaster recovery methodologies.

Speak to us if you currently under threat or have these concerns. We can help!


Technology We Recommend


ESET Security Solutions

Award-winning antivirus ESET Smart Security Premium ยท Multi-platform protection* Secures Windows, macOS, Android and Linux devices.



pfSense is a free and open source firewall and router that also features unified threat management, load balancing, multi WAN...



openmediavault is the next generation network attached storage (NAS) solution based on Debian Linux. It contains services like ...

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