Managing Director

My company, Bateleur Brand Planning (Pty) Ltd, and I have made use the services of TrinityISP since 2010.

TrinityISP has been responsible for the development, installation, operation and maintenance of our companywide IT systems. Being an online-based market research company with work from home offices across the country, such IT services are a vital and core component
of our business operation.

TrinityISP have proven to be reliable, innovative and cost-effective in supporting this IT infrastructure by consistently delivering key attributes of availability, friendliness and expert solutions at prices that are reasonable and fair.

I unreservedly recommend TrinityISP to any person or organisation needing to acquire a reliable backbone to their IT operations.

Glenda Maguire

Sales Consultant

We have made use of Trinity ISP’s services for more than 5 years. We have found Matthew to be honest, reliable and prompt. He has a wide knowledge across all platforms and he is always dedicated to finish a task no matter how difficult it is.

D.J. van der Merwe

Meerhof School Principal

TrinityISP are well known to me since they were appointed as our IT specialists in 2015. We got to know them as a trustworthy diligent workers with exceptional knowledge in their field of expertise.

They are always willing to assist, even after-hours. The manner in which they interact with us, their clients, earns respect and trust.

TrinityISP is continuously striving to better the functionality of the systems at school by implementing necessary upgrades taking the budget constraints into consideration.

They are is definitely an asset to the school.

Rudi Pieters

Zoep Engineering


“Working with Trinity ISP was (and continues to be) an outstanding experience.

Since relaunching our website with their design ideas, services and recommendations, Zoep Consulting Engineers has experienced an increase in website traffic.”

Dr J Albasini

Co-Director at 
Hartbeespoort Medical Centre

Trinity ISP has always given me good service. I have been using them for personal IT, my business and our company.

They have good integrity and I trust them fully with all my information on my systems. I have been using them for more than 10 years and will recommend them for anybody in need IT Services.


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